I’ve been musing over the ability to provide “original” thought versus harnessing great ideas. As designers and creatives, we put a lot of effort into forming innovative solutions for our clients and communities. Take a moment and visit a handful of design firm websites. Spoiler Alert: repetitive buzz words abound. We market our profession however necessary to reach our audience, but how do you as a person get down to the business of designing something that is meaningful? Something that is great?

New Blog Series for SEGD Cincinnati

As soon as I volunteered to post something to the SEGD Cincinnati blog with the goal of reinvigorating our members, I started panicking. For weeks, I’ve been agonizing over what I should write about, fearful that it wouldn’t be the inspirational spark of our members’ next big ideas. The SEGD community has been so valuable to me, and I often think about how I can better contribute as a member. This blog, I hoped, would be a good opportunity to get more momentum and conversation in our local chapter.

Celebrating Great Design and Conversation

Many thanks to Kolar Design for hosting SEGD's first “Conversations with Clive” event with the Cincinnati Chapter. On November 10, a collective of thirty designers, fabricators, educators, and digital media representatives engaged in conversation with SEGD CEO Clive Roux, and each other, about where the organization's focus has led the community thus far, in addition to what is happening in the design schools and the professional community.


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