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Cha-Gyeong, A Brief Reading on Traditional Korean Design

Ho-Am Art Museum

A Brief Reading on Traditional Korean Design Aesthetics

Each culture has its own unique design aesthetics embedded into their culture and history. 

Korea is a land of narrow valleys and winding rivers set within seemingly never-ending layers of mountains. The imagery is so prominently recognized as uniquely Korean, that it is often the focal point of drawings, fabric patterns and murals. The beauty of the land was so stunning, in fact, it inspired traditional Korean architecture and landscaping in profound ways.

The Ultimate EGD Visualization Tool

Thursday, March 25, 2021 - 4:00pm

We've joined forces with the West Coast region and put together an exciting event that features the ultimate EGD visualization tool and you don't want to miss it!

Most companies spend a lot of time budgeting, designing and value engineering their projects. Often, this leaves fabricators with very little time to produce, print and install your wonderful creations. David Payne, a longtime SEGD member, decided to take on the challenge of streamlining the process so that ample time would be available to meet the high quality standards we demand while keeping the project within budget.

The result of his efforts led him to develop software that allows clients to collaborate virtually within 360° photos to quickly develop a space plan, create a budget, and augment photos to create 360° renderings. Another great advantage to the software is the ability to minimize site visits, never more relevant than now.

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