Elisabeth Populo

As a design nomad, Elisabeth Populo's background ranges from advertising with an emphasis on brand strategy to fantastic experiential living sculptures. She thrives on collaboration and loves to connect with like minded designers who never stop learning. Throughout her career she has been focused on the expression of brands and ideas through every medium of design - from a small post card or poster to animated water sculptures and signage. The goal of each project for Elisabeth is to foster engagement between people, with a specific space, with an idea, with a brand and with each other.

Lis Populo
Canary, a Gould Evans Studio

Canary, a Gould Evans Studio

Canaryis a graphic, branding and interior design studio within the Gould Evans family that specializes in total brand experience. Canary visualizes the various facets of a client’s brand, mission and values within an environment and determines how to create memorable experiences. Our portfolio is intentionally diverse to encourage critical thinking and discourage formulaic tendencies.

Amanda Harper

Amanda Harper hails from an advertising background and has been with Gould Evans for almost 10 years.  In her second year at Gould Evans, she along with a co-worker, dreamed up Canary: a boutique multidisciplinary graphics, branding and interiors practice within Gould Evans. Since 2008, Amanda has been a vital part of the inception and evolution of Canary, growing it from a staff of two to a staff of 14.

Amanda Harper, Canary
Canary, a Gould Evans Studio
Phoenix, AZ
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