Notman – Visionary Photographer

Merit Award 2020
Notman – Visionary Photographer

Original concept created by Melanie Crespin and Bureau Principal for the McCord Museum. Adaption by the Canadian Museum of History in-house creative team, with the support of Design par Judith Portier and Visou Design.

A sudden snowstorm, encounters with time travelers, and instructions to leave your anger at the door: Notman—Visionary Photographer is not your normal museum exhibition.

Melanie Crespin, Bureau Principal, Design by Judith Portier, Visou Design

Sidewalk Labs will move Forward with Toronto project

In the two years since Sidewalk Labs pitched its vision for a grand smart city development — encompassing an entire neighborhood on the Toronto waterfront — the project has been beset by controversy and criticism.

Mactac's StreetTRAX at Toronto Pride

Mactac's StreetTRAX at Toronto Pride (image: rainbow graphic on street)

Read Time: 1.5 minutes

To show its support for Toronto Pride, a month-long Pride celebration that is among the largest in the world, longtime Pride sponsor Toronto-Dominion Bank wanted to install a large, circular rainbow graphic on the ground of the courtyard by its headquarters. TD Bank wanted the chosen graphic to be cost-effective, but it also needed a graphic that would be durable enough to withstand five weeks of heavy foot traffic and outdoor weather conditions.


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