6 Ways DesignX at DSE 2016 Will Change the Way You Think About Customer Experiences

6 Ways DesignX @ DSE 2016 Will Change the Way You Think About Digital Customer Experiences

Creating smart, meaningful experiences in public spaces requires you to understand—and leverage—all the technologies, platforms, content and disciplines that make up a successful project. DesignX—March 15-16 at Digital Signage Expo 2016 in Las Vegas—will give you the tools you need AND change the way you think about designing user-centric digital experiences.

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DesignX at Digital Signage Expo 2016: Your 360 View of Great Customer Experiences

DesignX at Digital Signage Expo 2016

Smart digital experiences require smart planning and design from the start. SEGD is partnering with Digital Signage Expo 2016 to present DesignX: Designing Customer Experiences March 15-16 in Las Vegas. The day-long intensive workshop and half-day expo tour will provide you with a detailed road map for navigating your first (or advanced) digital customer experiences.

The 7 Global Design Awards Categories Explained [Examples]

Wushang Cinema

As the only international design awards program focused solely on Experiential Graphic Design, the SEGD Global Design Awards seek out and recognize the world’s best examples of experiences designed to connect people to place. The SEGD Global Design Awards encompass 7 categories that represent key practice areas of Experiential Graphic Design. We'll explain them here.

Are You Connecting Through Your Association Website?

SEGD Member Bio: Bryan Meszaros, OpenEye Global

Sure, you’ve got your bio posted on LinkedIn and you probably think you’re covered. But are you hooked into the highly focused world of connections offered by your own professional association website? includes (FREE!) Member Bios and (paid) Firm Listings that top out Google searches in many cases and offer you amazing exposure. For example, in 2015, Member Bios were read more than 250,000 times!

Entering Design Competitions is Good for Business. Here’s Why.

SEGD Global Design Awards

At their best, design competitions promote innovation, creativity, excellence and sheer possibility. Who doesn’t want to be aligned with those? And winning, of course, brings validation and acclaim. But it’s not all about the glory. There is actually a business case to be made for entering design competitions—whether you win or not.


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