Cameron McNall

Drive By Installation

Night time photo of Drive By in LA by Electroland

Car Talk

Electroland’s LED installation comments on Los Angeles’ love affair with cars and movies.

Los Angeles is known for its obsessions, most notably with cars and movies. Drive By, a 240-ft.-long by 6-ft.-high LED installation in North Hollywood, brings the two together in a dynamic piece of public art that responds to traffic levels and recreates great moments from classic Hollywood films.

Hollywood Shadow Project

Honor Award
Hollywood Shadow Project, Cameron McNall, Architect

Completed in October 2001, the Hollywood Shadow Project is a series of seven installations dispersed throughout the production area of Hollywood. The designs are derived from photographs of familiar and iconic movie scenes. At the end of the day, the sun passes through these sculptures and casts shadows on other buildings. The intention is to evoke memory, as it is constituted via photographs and movies, and re-present this memory on the site of its invention: Hollywood. All of the sites incorporate buildings and businesses involved in making movies.

Cameron McNall, Architect

Drive By

Honor Award
Drive By, J.H. Snyder Company, Electroland LLC

Drive By, a custom 240-ft.-long by 6-ft.-high LED display, comments on Los Angeles’ driving culture as well as its love affair with the movies. A Percent for Art project commissioned by the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency and completed in May 2007, it was intended as a landmark work to complement a nearby Metrorail stop.

Electroland LLC


Merit Award, Lot with a Little
R-G-B, Southern California Institute of Architecture, Electroland

Eighty-one colored lights cover a distance of over 180 meters, visible both inside and outside the building. Visitors instantly manipulate lighting patterns through touching single digit keys on their mobile phone.


Santa Monica Civic Center

Merit Award
Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure Signage, Forest City Residential West, Electroland, LLC

Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Structure Signage

The goal of Enteractive, an interactive installation located at 11th and Flower streets in downtown Los Angeles, was not only to enliven a public space and create a unique sense of place, but to create an experience that allows people to relate to architecture on a human scale.

Electroland, LLC
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