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Trailblazing Women in EGD: Chris Calori

Trailblazing Women in EGD: Chris Calori

Watch Time: 59 minutes
SEGD is celebrating Women's History Month by honoring our female Fellows and recognizing their portfolios of outstanding work. Next up is Chris Calori, a 2007 Fellow and Principal Emerita of CVEDesign in New York. In her interview with Cybelle Jones (CEO of SEGD), Chris speaks about her background in industrial design, some of her mentors along the way and a few of her favorite projects, including, Crate & Barrel World Headquarters, and signage and wayfinding for Amtrack’s Acela Express trains.

C&VE Transform 8th & Filbert Parking Garage

C&VE Parkade on 8th Philadelphia

Working with a design team headed by architects WRT Design (Philadelphia) and a very limited budget, C&VE helped transform the under-whelming parking structure into one of Philadelphia’s most remarkable make-overs of an existing structure. A new façade of metal projections supports a grid of dichroic glass panels creating a dynamic, ever-changing street level experience. The ceiling over the traffic lanes were fitted with thousands of rods tipped with LED lamps.

Chris Calori & David Vanden-Eynden - Looking Forward/Looking Back

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How Wayfinding Can Help Revive an Aging Transportation Infrastructure

Philadelphia's 30th Street Station

Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station is an exceptional example of some of the railroad industry's most ambitious construction projects, and an historical landmark as well. With rail travel increasing double digits in the coming years, updating wayfinding programs in older transit centers like this one is increasingly important. Calori & Vanden-Eynden developed new signage and wayfinding that would ease travel for 21st century commuters, but be sympathetic to this 100-year-old structure.

SEGD Wayfinding 2016 -- Where Do We Go From Here?

Chris Calori and David Vanden-Eynden keynote the SEGD Wayfinding Event Apri 14-15

Technology is rapidly changing the delivery systems we use to navigate the built world, but the fundamentals of wayfinding have barely changed since Kevin Lynch coined the term more than 50 years ago. Chris Calori and David Vanden-Eynden (Calori & Vanden-Eynden / Design Consultants, New York) have developed hundreds of wayfinding systems and literally wrote the book on Signage and Wayfinding Design. Keynoting SEGD’s Wayfinding event April 14-15 in Miami, they'll take a critical look at the complex present and warp-speed future of wayfinding.

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