Jessica Rojas

Jessica Rojas, Senior Designer at CallisonRTKL in Los Angeles.

Before joining CallisonRTKL Jessica was a Graphic/Exhibition Designer for the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame and all UCLA Athletic Facilities where she was responsible for

Jessica Rojas, Senior Designer at CallisonRTKL in Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

Terry Londy

Terry Londy is a senior designer at CallisonRTKL. Graduating from Lawrence Technological University with a MA in Environmental Graphic Design, allowed Terry to pursue a career in teaching at the University Level. His focus in the classroom will include research through fabrication, and alternative design methods in relation to typography, and the connection to the user environment.  He received a BFA with a dual major from Eastern Michigan University with a concentration in Graphic Design and Interior Architecture.

Terry Londy, CallisonRTKL

Sharon Aaronson

Sharon Aaronson is an Environmental Graphic Designer

She directs both the creative and administrative functions for her own private studio, Aaronson Design, as well as more recently for CallisonRTKL. Sharon Aaronson's accomplishments include project management of print, environmental graphic design, with an overlap into architecture and interior design on occasion.

Sharon Aaronson, designer at RTKL
Washington D.C.

Tanvi Sonavane

Tanvi Sonavane is an environmental designer at CallisonRTKL. She holds a Master of Science  in Environmental Design from the Art Center College of Design, and a Bachelor of Design in Spatial Design from the National Institute of Design in India.

Tanvi Sonavane, CallisonRTKL
Los Angeles

Katherine Healey

Katherine Healey is an environmental and architectural designer at CallisonRTKL and Katherine Healey Designs. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design from Art Center College of Design.

To her, the traditional world of architecture draws less and less of a crowd everyday. The jaded public have become completely complacent to the buildings that surround them.

Katherine Healey, CallisonRTKL
Los Angeles


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