Shivangi Singh

Shivangi Singh is a Freelance Designer in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

A curiosity for stories, cultures and experiences that build emotional connections, and a desire to make the world a better place, drive Shivangi Singh. She aims to create multi-scale transformative sensorial spatial experiences that have social, political and cultural impact.

Shivangi Singh is a Freelance Designer in the Greater Los Angeles Area.
Greater Los Angeles Area

David Payne

David Payne is the President at Splash!events in San Francisco.

David Payne is the founder of Splash!events, a company that designs and fabricates trade show exhibits, corporate environments, museum displays and corporate event branding. David's specialties include: exhibit design, fabrication and management, event branding, sales and user group meetings, developer conferences, environments, corporate interiors, retail interiors, and museums.

David Payne is the President at Splash!events in San Francisco.
San Francisco

Rowena Macaraeg

Rowena Macaraeg is the President at RipBang Studios in Venice, CA.

Rowena Macaraeg is responsible for assuring that all projects are well planned, well designed, and well executed. Having recently completed the graphics program for Orlando’s new Amway Center Arena, Rowena provides focused and experienced leadership to assure that Graphics and Interiors are coordinated within our project team.

Trained as a visual artist and architect, Rowena Macaraeg’s passion is in creating dynamic and communicative spaces through the integration of architecture, sculpture, and graphics.

Rowena Macaraeg is the President at Ripbang Studios in Venice, CA.
Ripbang Studios
Venice, CA


DLC-Lumisheet is a leading supplier of design friendly and energy efficient LED solutions, known for making big waves in the design community. Our cutting-edge products are made in facilities in both USA and Canada, boasting an impressive 50,000+ square feet of manufacturing floor. 

Cory Clinton

Creating unique and engaging branded experiences within space and time, with clear and intuitive wayfinding.

Cory Clinton is a signage and wayfinding specialist and Senior Associate at RSM Design, an award winning international design studio focusing on the seamless integration of graphic design, identity and architecture. 

Cory Clinton
RSM Design
San Clemente, CA

Jennifer Cadieux

Since graduating with a BA in Design from CSU Long Beach, Jennifer Cadieux has worked in design and fabrication for a variety of Los Angeles-based companies. her work has spanned graphic design and CAD work for projection-mapped stages, DJ booths, props for TV, film and events, and interactive spaces. Jennifer spent two years as Cartographer for special event creators The Do LaB, contributing to the layout of such music festivals as Lightning in a Bottle and Woogie Weekend.

Jennifer Cadieux
University of California Davis
Davis, CA


Metropolitan West (MetWest), a leading provider and installer of decorative wall coverings, decorative glass film, custom film and graphic solutions, has launched a dry-erase product that integrates creative office design with a collaborative professional environment.  peerhatch is a durable, writable surface with custom graphics infused into the entire dry erase subsurface, providing unlimited possibilities to rival traditional whiteboards and paint-on solutions.

Jeff Hickman

Jeff Hickman is the owner and Creative Director at Rocket Farm in Long Beach, CA.

Jeff’s the kinda guy who you ask out to lunch and he ends up stealing the bill. He is unassuming yet diligent. He is dedicated in and outside of work to both his family and his team (and his chickens, dog, cat, bunny and fish). His natural ability to lead is matched by his kind and giving heart. He is a problem solver, he is a creator and most importantly the king of punny farm metaphors. He may be deaf in one ear but he is the best listener.

Jeff Hickman is the owner and Creative Director at Rocket Farm in Torrance, CA
pub creative
Torrance, CA


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