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Trevor Hansen

As Chief Revenue Officer at Thomas Printworks, Trevor Hansen champions the company’s national sales and marketing efforts as well as product development and product management. He applies his thorough problem-solving skills to find creative solutions and build revenue, while managing customer success efforts and simplifying complex processes to provide clients with unique solutions.

Trevor Hansen, Chief Revenue Officer at Thomas Printworks
Thomas Printworks
Phoenix, AZ

Johnny Ramos

Johnny Ramos is a Production Manager and Coordinator for PUB Creative based in the Greater Los Angeles Area. In this position Johnny Ramos works directly with or for a film or video producer and communicates between the producer and other staff members regarding the shoot’s overall production. It is Ramos’s responsibility for keeping the film, show, or video content on budget and making sure production remains on schedule. Day-to-day duties include working with the film crew and actors and arranging travel needs for everyone.

Johnny Ramos
pub creative
Greater Los Angeles Area

Matt Caldwell

Matt Caldwell is an experienced Client Service, Operations, Finance & Human Resources Executive who is currently employed as the Managing Director at Infinite Scale. Infinite Scale is a sport design consultancy. With clients ranging from the San Francisco 49ers to the College Football Playoffs to the Daytona International Speedway, Infinite Scale designs for some of the biggest names in sports. Based in Salt Lake City, Infinite Scale creates the fan experience through brand integration, signage, environmental graphics and partner integration.

Matt Caldwell
Infinite Scale
Salt Lake City, Utah

Amanda Hurley

Amanda Hurley is a co-chair of the Denver Chapter.

Amanda Hurley has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the University of Denver. She has always been passionate about understanding business from every angle, and influencing positive change throughout a company to assist with growth, employee retention, environmental impact and community involvement.

Amanda Hurley
Ad Light Group

Abhinand Lath

Abhinand Lath is President and CEO of Sensitile Systems, an internationally-recognized designer and manufacturer of inspiring and sustainable materials for a wide range of architectural and design applications.

Abhinand	 Lath
Ypsilanti, MI


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