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Podcast | Billing Approaches for EGD Firms

SEGD Podcast | Billing Approaches for EGD Firms


What you will learn

It is difficult to determine EGD fees. Clients often expect an architect's percentage fee or a small consulting fee that does not include project management. This discussion reviews preliminary results of a new billing survey and includes a discussion of different billing approaches and experiences. Part of the discussion includes justifications for specific fee approaches.

Podcast | 2013 SEGD Global Design Awards: A Follow-Up

Podcast 2013 Awards Follow-Up


What you will learn

In this webinar, 2013 Global Design Award winners talk about their projects, what made them successful, and how elements of collaboration, project design development, and client relationships contributed to the outcomes of their projects. Representatives from RSM Designand Genslerjoin us to discuss their award-winning projects and the ideas and processes behind them.

Steve Williams

Steve Williams is a Jacksonville native, an award-winning artist, an activist, and a successful professional. Emerging from a community that labeled him "disabled" with diagnosis such as "attention deficit disorder" and "obsessive compulsive disorder," Williams learned to harness these "disabilities" by perceiving them as personal advantages. When his portfolio professor in college told him to choose a career that was not in art, it motivated him to prove what he could do.

Steve Williams, Harbinger
Jacksonville, FL


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