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Civiq Smartspaces LinkNYC product has passed the 1 million user mark already with still thousands of terminals to be rolled out in New York City. It is hard to say what success will look like for the new smart environment, but this first city wide experiment is definitely pioneering - successfully

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SEGD is working towards achieving its strategic plan of becoming a vital tool to support the profession of Experiential Graphic Design.

While the article was written about the father of industrial design, Raymond Loewy, it really provides even greater insights into the psychology behind (visual) appeal.

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Some reported RIO numbers and multipliers for the money spent on Wayfinding programs.

Bill Thiemann, Managing Director, Creative Services at Kolar Design

Bill Thiemann is the Managing Director, Creative Services at Kolar Design

He is a branding and marketing communications expert with diverse CPG, service brands and agency experience. Bill Thiemann has a proven track record of building enduring, trust-based client relationships which result in consistent business growth.

Hiring creative leaders is notoriously difficult. To lure them in, you need a game plan.

Overview of the Experiential Graphic Design Profession

What does the Experiential Graphic Design profession look like?

For the first time, we have a comprehensive picture of what the Experiential Graphic Design profession and SEGD's membership looks like.

Image: Lee Skolnick Blog- Leadership

More listicle than article, the roster identifies qualities such as Inspiration, Integrity and Passion, each accompanied by illustrative quotes from a wide range of entrepreneurs and innovators, CEOs and out-of-the-box thinkers.


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