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GQ Australia with Vince Frost of Frost*Design

Recently, GQ Australia broadcast an interview with Vince Frost of Frost*Design on the topic of “How to Succeed” and how design and business collide.

OPINION: The Government is missing an important tool in its bid to ensure the economy continues to deliver for its citizens.


Ted Leonhardt: Don't Just Read the Room, Inhabit it!

Maybe you’re pitching new business to a client or giving a presentation to your own team. If you’re smart and even reasonably creative, your brain will be working overtime on how the meeting is progressing and how people are reacting.

2018 SEGD Management for Designers


Details coming early 2018

IBM CEO Thomas Watson Jr. famously declared “good design is good business.” Jeneanne Rae has the numbers to prove it.

Bob Harlow, Account Executive, Boyd Sign Systems, Denver, Colorado

Bob Harlow is an Account Executive at Boyd Sign Systems in Denver, Colorado.

Before joining Boyd Sign Systems Bob Harlow worked for Touchsource as their National Sales Director for Healthcare Kiosks. He has also worked at (CTS) Connected Technology Solutions as Sales Channel Director, Kiosk Information Systems as Director of Business Development, IBM as RSS Kiosk Sales Executive, Nordquist, forms and surfaces.

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SEGD's 2017 Technology Roadmap for Experiential Graphic Design

We live in a technologically driven society. Much of the value created in business today is underpinned by advances in technology: The economy is driven by increases in productivity and those productivity gains are driven by advances in technology. Unless you live in a cave, it is hard to escape the effects of technological advancement.

Why Experiential Design is More Important than Ever


By, Tucker Trotter, President and CEO of Dimensional Innovations

Experiential design is nothing new. In fact, the art of combining interactive storytelling with environmental design to engage an audience has been done exceptionally well by several brands and organizations. So why all the recent buzz? Why are advertising agencies and consulting firms suddenly throwing it around as the latest trend?

Research is redefining what "good design" means.

The Sign Foundation has a few reports that indicate the value that signs add to a business

Frost*collective Launches Pivot

Frost*collective has announced a repositioning of the business that will elevate the agency’s strategic competence with the addition of Pivot, a strategic innovation consultancy. Pivot specializes in transformative business consulting, adding to the agency’s foundational expertise in brand strategy, brand design, digital solutions and urban environments. The addition consolidates and extends Frost*collective’s service proposition, retaining human-centered design at its core.   

From geo-location to sun-paths, here are 10 very useful tips to make you the model SketchUp user of the office.

Is your website still brochureware designed to impress your peers and clients? Here is some good advice on how to rethink how it should work to become an effective part of your marketing campaign.

Click to access the members only survey results for design software useage

What software do Experiential Graphic Design firms use? Find out what the benchmark for design software is in 2017.

The latest survey from SEGD conducted in May 2017 helps you understand which software to use for which applications. In many cases, there are already industry standards forming. Aligning with industry standards makes it easier to employ people with the right skills and experience.


Comparison of arts industries contributions to the US economy. This makes for fascinating reading.

See the NEA interactive map produced from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Commerce Department's State-level ACPSA (Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account) which included the tax code for "designer".

See the NEA interactive map produced from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Commerce Department's State-level ACPSA (Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account) which included the tax code for "designer".

Uber provides anonymized data from over 2 billion trips to help improve urban planning around the world.

Sheela Maini Søgaard is a partner and CEO of BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group. Prior to joining the firm in 2008, she held management positions within food and medical devices industries and she was a consultant with McKinsey & Company.

See Julie Beeler at 2017 SEGD Business of Design

On April 28, the SEGD Business of Design event will kick off in Portland. The event will feature business leaders from both outside and within the experiential graphic design community, including Julie Beeler, founder of Second Story. Here, Julie shares insights she’s learned on her leadership journey.

It’s no longer enough to iterate and understand your user. What companies need now are designers who can empathize and bang out lines of Javascript.


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