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Previous to this survey, the industry has been devoid of a benchmark for which software packages work best for experiential graphic design practitioners.

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Things are really heating up in the experiential graphic design field job market, with many firms expanding it is a great time for designers to take the next step in their careers. 

When someone asks him what is the next cool thing they can do to expand their office footprint, Stubblefield replies with, What is the last thing you can do to avoid building?

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There is actually a business case to be made for entering design competitions—whether you win or not.

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In December 2016, SEGD partnered with AIGA, Google and others to produce a comprehensive Design Census.

The results are in. We have answers for you about salaries, benefits, behavior and satisfaction.

Civiq Smartspaces LinkNYC product has passed the 1 million user mark already with still thousands of terminals to be rolled out in New York City. It is hard to say what success will look like for the new smart environment, but this first city wide experiment is definitely pioneering - successfully

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SEGD is working towards achieving its strategic plan of becoming a vital tool to support the profession of Experiential Graphic Design.

In December SEGD conducted an Hourly Billing Rate survey to provide members with a frame or reference for billing rates

While the article was written about the father of industrial design, Raymond Loewy, it really provides even greater insights into the psychology behind (visual) appeal.

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Some reported RIO numbers and multipliers for the money spent on Wayfinding programs.


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