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Gary Edmonds

Gary Edmonds is the Principal of The Buchan Group in Brisbane, Australia.

The Buchan Group offers:

  • Architecture
  • Master Planning
  • Interiors
  • Graphics


The Buchan group produces award winning graphic work in the areas of Wayfinding, Placemaking and Immersive experiences and event graphics for clients in retail, corporate and workplace, urban and public spaces and commercial spaces all over Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Gary Edmonds is the Principal of the The Buchan Group in Brisbane, Australia
Gary Edmonds , Buchan Group, work for Lu-One in Shanghai, China
The Buchan Group
Brisbane, Australia

Projection Mapping

Performance Architecture

Using landmark spaces as digital canvas, projection mapping is trompe l'oeil on a gigantic, pulsating scale. Where will it take us next?

Call it projection mapping, pixel mapping, video mapping, or even architecturally registered mapping. It’s known by all those names and more. But the new media format that has been the toast of YouTube—and live audiences worldwide—has broken a major visual barrier and is poised to knock down more walls.

Fortitude Valley Station

Merit Award
Fortitude Valley Station, QR Passenger Pty. Ltd., The Buchan Group

The inner city suburb of Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, Australia, had for many years been the home of venues that nurtured such musical talent as the Saints, the Go Betweens, Powderfinger, Savage Garden, Keith Urban, and the Bee Gees. Now internationally known for its live music and nightclubs, the area's creative arts community and Chinatown precinct have drawn youth and lifestyle fashion retailers, commercial tenants, and significant residential development back to “the Valley.”

The Buchan Group
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