Bryan Meszaros

Bryan Meszaros

Bryan Meszaros is President of the 2019 SEGD Board and CEO and Founder of OpenEye Global.

At a time when the use of interactive visual media was an offbeat practice, Bryan saw the potential to blend his passion toward design and fascination with technology into a new modernist approach.

Bryan Meszaros, Founder of OpenEye Global (OEG), New York
OpenEye Global
New York, NY

Top 5 Ways SEGD Provides Marketing ROI

Top 5 Ways SEGD Provides Marketing ROI

Read Time: 3.5 minutes

With the end of the year on the horizon and lots of agencies and studios looking at ways to invest in their marketing for 2019, I cannot help but think about the immense benefit being a member of SEGD has to offer.

It goes without saying that the warmth, friendliness and helpfulness of the members are tremendous features, but what else is there? What about the elusive conversation centered around **cough, cough** marketing ROI?

2018 Podcast | Balancing Physical + Digital with Immersive Environments

Balancing Physical + Digital with Immersive Environments

What will you learn:

  • The latest best practices for how to balance Physical and Digital Engagement when creating Immersive Environments.
  • Top trends and effectiveness for engaging customers with digital brand experiences.

Explore best practices designers are following in balancing the use a both physical and digital elements when creating an immersive environment.

Questions Answered:

2018 SEGD Achievement Awards Ceremony

SEGD is an amazing community of designers, fabricators and manufacturers who create experiences that connect people to place. One of the many membership benefits of SEGD is a library of talks from SEGD's 4-6 events a year. Starting from 2014, these videos are available for viewing for members for free. If you are a member please log in (hint: top right below search) if not please join SEGD and experience its amazing resources.

What We’re Most Excited About at 2018 SEGD Branded Environments/DSE

What We’re Most Excited About at 2018 SEGD Branded Environments/DSE

March is upon us and once again a slew of designers, technologists, and digital signage enthusiasts will converge in Las Vegas for the Digital Signage Expo(DSE), as well as the 2018 SEGD Branded Environments event. With our yearly attendance to both events, we’re extremely excited to see and hear all the latest and greatest—and this year is no different.


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