Waltzing Matilda Centre

Waltzing Matilda Centre

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Winton, Australia lies 1,356km north-west of Brisbane, surrounded by Matilda country. According to the Australian Traveller it is the dinosaur capital of Australia; paleontologists from around the world flock to the harsh and unforgiving outback to discover dinosaur bones.

Winton is also the birth place of the famous Australian bush ballad, “Waltzing Matilda.” Banjo Paterson wrote the lyrics to the legendary song nearby at Dagworth Station in 1895. It was first performed at Winton’s North Gregory Hotel the same year.

Off Grid 18 in Summary

Off Grid 18 in Summary

“Off Grid 18,”the second-annual international experiential graphic design event created by the Wellington Chapter of SEGD, transpired over four days and four cities in late February. The theme was “Experiential City,” which posed the question, “What is the ‘experiential city’ and where does design fit in?”

Explore the Experiential City at Off Grid 18

Explore the Experiential City at Off Grid 18

Off Grid sits at the intersection of urbanism, placemaking, wayfinding and design; if you work in—or are intrigued by—these areas, make sure you join us! Through insights from social anthropologists, urban planners, strategic thinkers, visionary designers, contemporary artists, filmmakers, brand identity designers, augmented reality experts and smart city researchers, Off Grid explores what really connects people to place.

Multi-Modal Wayfinding in New South Wales

Transport for NSW Wayfinding (Dotdash)

Transport for New South Wales is undertaking an ambitious overhaul of its transportation wayfinding infrastructure across all modes of travel, including train, bus, light rail and ferry. Dotdash (Brisbane) developed an integrated signage system applied across 60 unique sites. Each sign type has a place within sequential zones of user experience from approach to arrival, to waiting and then boarding. See how it’s done in NSW.

Erin Stromgren

Erin Stromgren joined Dotdash in November 2012. A young designer from Minneapolis with Swedish heritage, Erin has completed her Bachelor of Architecture and MFA in Design specializing in Child Culture Design. Erin has been employed in architecture and design studios in the US.

At Dotdash, Erin has assisted senior designers with project research and data analysis. Her contribution has informed the wayfinding strategy.

East Brisbane, Australia


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