Willhemina Wahlin

Dr Willhemina Wahlin is a Lecturer in Design and the Acting Associate Head of School for Charles Sturt University’s School of Communication and Creative Industries. She is also the Creative Director for the New York-based non-profit organisation, PROOF: Media for Social Justice, which uses visual storytelling for social justice and human rights advocacy.

Willhemina Wahlin
Charles Sturt University (CSU)
Port Macquarie NSW

Troy Matheson

Troy Matheson is the founder of MathesonDesign in Brisbane, Australia.

Troy Matheson believes that Design is a verb not a noun. It is a way of thinking to harness right brain ideas with left brain strategy. This enables him to adapt to any scenario — be it identity design, user interface design, signage design, experience design or designing design education itself.

Troy Matheson's purpose is making the world make sense to other people and enriching their experience along the way.

Troy Matheson is the founder of MathesonDesign in Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane, Australia

Gary Edmonds

Gary Edmonds is the Principal of The Buchan Group in Brisbane, Australia.

The Buchan Group offers:

  • Architecture
  • Master Planning
  • Interiors
  • Graphics


The Buchan group produces award winning graphic work in the areas of Wayfinding, Placemaking and Immersive experiences and event graphics for clients in retail, corporate and workplace, urban and public spaces and commercial spaces all over Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Gary Edmonds is the Principal of the The Buchan Group in Brisbane, Australia
Gary Edmonds , Buchan Group, work for Lu-One in Shanghai, China
The Buchan Group
Brisbane, Australia

Angela Stefanoff

Angela Stefanoff is the Principal at Goldi Design in Brisbane, Australia.

Angela is passionate about design and its potential to influence people’s experience of brands and places.

She has over 23 years experience in design across all touch-points of branding, communication and the built environment, in studios in Sydney, London and Brisbane. Angela founded Goldi in 2005 – an inter-disciplinary design studio, with an emphasis on quality design thinking and outcomes, supported by a high level of client service.

Angela Stefanoff is the Principal at Goldi Design in Brisbane, Australia
Goldi Design
Brisbane, Australia

Bryce Tolliday

Bryce Tolliday is the Director of Access All Ways

Access All Ways Consultants is a firm of accredited access consultants based in SE Queensland providing specialized advice on access for people with disabilities and wayfinding to major projects all over Australia.

Bryce Tolliday, Director, All Access Ways, Brisbane Australia
Access All Ways
Brisbane, Australia

BrandCulture Communications

Bringing brands to life. BrandCulture Communications is an award-winning design consultancy that works with clients across three key disciplines to ensure their brands live in the hearts and minds of their employees, stakeholders and customers.

To increase engagement, brands need to demonstrate – not just communicate – their positioning, values and heritage. BrandCulture Communications help you do just that by creating unique opportunities for people to connect with your brand.

Isabelle Cabrera

Isabelle Cabrera is a Senior Documentation Designer at DotDash in Queensland, Australia.

Isabelle Cabrera has over ten years of experience working in architecture and wayfinding. She has spent most of her design career working in the Middle East on large scale wayfinding projects in the UAE, Jeddah, Kuwait and Qatar, most notably the Mohammed bin Rashid City District 1 and King Faisal Hospital & Akoya by Damac.

Isabella Cabrera
Mandaue City, Philippines

Isabelle Cabrera joins BrandCulture as Architectural Wayfinding Designer

Isabelle Cabrera joins BrandCulture as Architectural Wayfinding Designer

Read Time: 2 minutes
Sydney studio BrandCulture has appointed Isabelle Cabrera as Architectural Wayfinding Designer. She joins from Populous in Brisbane.
“Like many studios, we are rethinking our processes and skillsets in response to COVID and the year that was 2020. This means embracing technology and automation where appropriate, and working with our clients to explore new efficiencies that result from digital innovation,” says Nick Bannikoff, Design Director at BrandCulture.


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