Tiane Sant'Anna

Tiane Sant'Anna is a Co-Founder at Illustre Ideia in Barra da Tijuca, Brazil.

Ilustre Ideia believes that design is capable of transforming, facilitating, motivating and enabling new behaviors.

They are moved by challenges and propose to innovate, to bring solutions that surprise and surpass expectations.

Tiane Sant'Anna is a Co-Founder at Illustre Ideia in Barra da Tijuca, Brazil.
Ilustre Ideia Design
Barra da Tijuca, Brazil

Ivo Sakamoto

Ivo Sakamoto is brazilian Architect and partner at DSIGN/SA Studio, a studio formed by a multidisciplinary team composed by passionate creatives.

Architect and Urbanist graduated at Universidade de São Paulo, Ivo Sakamoto is a partner at DSIGN/SA Studio. Developing architecture projects in healthcare, educational and corporative design. As a multidisciplinary team coordinator, Ivo has the goal to integrate graphic design and brand visual identity to places. He is a professor at Universidade Paulista in Object Design, Urban Furniture Design, and Graduation Final Work classes.

Ivo Sakamoto

Rogerio Varela

As Co-founder and Creative Executive Director at Ilustre Ideia Design since 1997, Rogerio Varela is a Senior Graphic and Environmental Designer, with a multidisciplinary and substantial experience in signage, wayfinding, environmental graphics, brand, packaging, product, and editorial design.

Rogario Valera
Ilustre Ideia Design
Barra da Tijuca, Brazil

Norton Amato Jr.

Norton Amato Jr. is currently a student at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership pursuing a Master of Business Administration. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication focused in Editorial Production from the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, as well as an MBA in Services Marketing from ESPM. He also studied a specialist course in Communication through Digital Media at the Fundação Getulio Vargas FGV-SP.

Norton began his creative career as a Web Designer before becoming Creative Manager at SUBMARINO.COM in 1999. He founded in 2003.

Norton Amato Jr.j
Berlin School of Creative Leadership
São Paulo, Brazil

Creating International Connections at Shannon Leigh

Creating International Connections at Shannon Leigh

On November 13th, Shannon Leigh Associates (San Francisco) was happy to host Ivo Sakamoto—an architect from Brazil—who connected with the firm via SEGD. Sakamoto shadowed the Shannon Leigh team for a day, learning about studio practices to bring back to his firm. The team started the day with a tour of the studio and then took Sakamoto on a short site survey, reviewed a presentation package with him and showcased various projects they're working on. 

50 Years of TV and More

Honor Award
50 Years of TV and More, Ralph Appelbaum Associates

Celebrating 50 years of TV in Brazil and exploring viewer relationships with the medium in an environment that symbolizes and refers to the nature of media itself, this exhibit is completely media-driven, responds to the historic building, and can stand up to high projected attendance. The project uses the building as a canvas for the subject matter; it takes themes of reflection, windows, and visual perception and uses pools, portholes, and projections to symbolize the abstract themes.

Ralph Appelbaum Associates

The Museum of the Portuguese Language

Merit Award
The Museum of the Portuguese Language, Fundacao Roberto Marinho, Ralph Appebaum Associates

Designing exhibits for a museum whose purpose is to celebrate a language is a bit different from creating a shrine for artifacts. At the Museum of the Portuguese Language, the world's first museum of its kind, Ralph Appelbaum Associates presents the language as a dynamic cultural heritage and uses technology to emphasize its permanent state of transformation.

Ralph Appebaum Associates

First Day of School

Merit Award
First Day of School, Colegio Anchieta, SCENO Environmental Graphic Design

To mark the 120th anniversary of the Anchieta School and welcome students on their first day back from summer vacation, SCENO Environmental Graphic Design created a  visual communication program based on the tangram, the Chinese puzzle that challenges spatial reasoning skills with seven pieces that can be used to form different images.

SCENO Environmental Graphic Design
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