Benjamin Baker

Ben not only manages an array of projects as a producer, he’s also Bluecadet’s in-house expert on physical accessibility.

With experience in both creative agency and entrepreneurial settings, Ben effectively balances the needs of designers, developers, and clients to deliver high-quality projects on time and on budget.

Outside the office, he enjoys Philadelphia’s live music scene, works with the city’s health community as an accessibility advocate, and captains the Magee Eagles wheelchair rugby team.

Benjamin Baker


Bluecadet is an Emmy Award-winning digital agency that creates world-class websites, mobile apps, interactive installations, and immersive environments. Established in 2007, Bluecadet collaborates with leading museums, cultural institutions, universities, and nonprofit organizations to educate, engage, and entertain. From a touchscreen T. Rex puzzle at Chicago’s Field Museum, to a multimedia advocacy campaign for Doctors Without Borders, to MoMA’s bilingual mobile guide exploring the murals of Diego Rivera, Bluecadet's work inspires interaction and imagination.

Sara Pasch

Sara Pasch is a Philadephia Chapter Co-Chair

Sara Pasch is a Senior Strategist at Bluecadet, where she leads projects that bring together the physical and the digital to create beautiful and cohesive experiences that are grounded in strategy and sustainable to maintain.

Sara Pasch, Bluecadet

The Re-Rise Of Experiential Culture: Raina Mehler & Bluecadet

The Re-Rise Of Experiential Culture
Raina Mehler, Director of Media Arts, Superblue
Josh Goldblum, Founder + CEO, Bluecadet

The last two years have drastically shifted the course of the experience economy for the foreseeable future. This discussion investigates what cultural consumers want, what has to change about how these experiences function, and how experience designers can adapt. With more and more interactions happening remotely, the demand is higher than ever for impressive in-person events, adventures, and shared cultural moments.

Gore Capabilities Center

Finalist 2020
Gore Capabilities Center

W.L. Gore & Associates’ new Capabilities Center is a comprehensive and interactive spatial and interpretive experience at the company’s Newark, Delaware location. We created a world-class interactive workplace experience to share Gore’s rich history, capabilities, culture, and commitment to innovation with their partners, customers, and visitors.

The Capabilities Center includes interactive experiences including an Immersive Corridor, Advanced Materials Spiral, and Product Wall — all illustrating Gore & Associates’ dedication to improving lives throughout the world.

Examining Accessibility in an Emerging Digital Landscape, Ben Baker

Ben Baker from Bluecadet is focused on both objective and subjective levels of accessibility as it's applied to emerging digital technologies, such as touchless gestural control and augmented reality. Drawing on his own experience as a differently-abled manual wheelchair user and as a digital experience project manager, Benjamin discussed the need for new standards, and how those can be realized through R&D, prototyping, and testing.

2020 SEGDVoices: Business Finance for and Unpredictable Future

Your Financial Future: Business Insights for EGD Professionals Navigating an Unpredictable Market

Panelists provide financial business tools, resources and lessons learned to provide insights for individuals navigating key decisions for their organizations trying to sustain during this unstable economic climate.

Panelists include:
Mike McCarty, DCL
Sara Pasch, bluecadet
Mike Devine, Gallagher Museum Services

Moderated by Cybelle Jones, SEGD



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