London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE

Honor Award 2018
London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE

The London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE mixes original archaeology, next-generation installations and contemporary art commissions, inviting visitors to encounter an ancient mystery cult. Buried below London for almost two millennia, the Roman Temple of Mithras is returned to the site of its original discovery in a free new cultural space that re-imagines how we engage with archaeology.

Bloomberg San Francisco Tech Hub

Honor Award 2016
Bloomberg San Francisco Tech Hub

For their new tech hub in San Francisco, Bloomberg wanted to create a space that embodied their status as an established and innovative technology company. There would be no ping-pong tables, silkscreened inspirational posters or playroom-inspired spaces. Bloomberg is not a start-up, but a mature leader in the technology space. The Tech Hub is a laboratory of science and art. Its occupants take financial data and create new uses and applications for it. 

Two Twelve - Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Photo of Botanical Research Institute of Texas identity sign

Two Twelve (New York) collaborated with the Botanical Research Institute of Texas to communicate its mission focused on conservation and knowledge-sharing about the plant world.

The firm also worked with Bloomberg L.P. to integrate the design of its annual report illustrating the company’s vision, position, and progress on sustainability with the associated microsite.

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