Willhemina Wahlin

Dr Willhemina Wahlin is a Lecturer in Design and the Acting Associate Head of School for Charles Sturt University’s School of Communication and Creative Industries. She is also the Creative Director for the New York-based non-profit organisation, PROOF: Media for Social Justice, which uses visual storytelling for social justice and human rights advocacy.

Willhemina Wahlin
Charles Sturt University (CSU)
Port Macquarie NSW

Annabelle Wijaya

Annabelle Wijaya, GML Heritage and Design Consultant, is a key member of GML’s design team. Bringing together a flair for design with a background in heritage conservation and interior architecture, Annabelle provides GML and its clients with invaluable graphics and design support.

Annabelle Wijaya
GML Heritage
Surry Hills

Pete Nicholas

Peter Nicholas is a Consultant at Oliver Wyman in Sydney, Australia. 

Peter Nicholas is a UNSW graduate in Electrical Engineering (Hons. Class 1) and Commerce (Finance) with over 2years of experience working on telecommunications projects at Telstra and Transport for NSW. Peter Nicholas graduated in 2017 and has now started work as a Consultant with Oliver Wyman. 

Peter Nicholas is highly skilled at leadership, entrepreneurship, and data analysis. 

Peter Wyman is a Consultant at Oliver Wyman in Sydney, Australia.

Barbara Beckmann

Barbara Beckmann is a Senior Graphic Designer at GroupGSA in Sydney, Australia. 

Barbara Beckmann graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Hannover with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Communication and Graphic Design. 

Barbara started her career as a graphic designer and art director before landing at GroupGSA where she currently works. 

Barbara Beckmann is a Senior Graphic Designer at GroupGSA in Sydney, Australia.
Group GSA
Sydney, Australia

Sandy Pawson

As a Senior Designer at the Adherettes multi-discipline studio, Sandy Pawson plays a lead role in the successful delivery of many of the conceptual, physical branding, detail design, customer-focused design, wayfinding, and interactive design projects Adherettes deliver to their clients.

Sandy Pawson is a designer who loves to craft the connection between product and audience. He believes good design has the potential to shape our perceptions, form connections, empower and guide our interactions, and provide tangible value in the products we create.

Sandy Pawson


Adherettes is a leading specialist in signage and built-brand applications with unique in-house expertise in industrial design. This lets us turn concepts into workable signage. We’re able to manage design, manufacture and installation all under one roof, letting us build in quality and design longevity, reducing the need for repair and maintenance.


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