Emme Jacob

Emme Jacob is a Graphic Designer at Designworks in Auckland, New Zealand.

Emme Jacob brings a breadth of Graphic Design experience to her new position at Designworks, where she started in February of 2018. Emme did a graduate placement at award-winning design studio Rose Design UK, has worked with Bolter Design, DHW Lab, Clanmouse, Eclipse Architecture, as well as experience during her time at Auckland University of Technology.

Emme Jacob is a Graphic Designer at Designworks in Auckland, New Zealand.
Auckland, New Zealand

Te Hauāuru Reserve — Westgate Town Park

Merit Award 2020
Te Hauāuru Reserve — Westgate Town Park

Te Hauāuru Reserve, Westgate Town Park, is a recreational area for the growing township of Westgate designed to serve a growing residential community in Auckland, New Zealand. It connects people to place through layers of storytelling embedded into the form of the park.

This integrated green space has been developed in collaboration with local iwi (tribe) and takes its visual cues from the site’s location within the network of upper Waitematā (Auckland Harbour) inlets, streams, and the history of the kauri (native tree) forests that once covered the area.

Hobsonville Point Habitat Markers

Honor Award 2020
Hobsonville Point Habitat Markers

Interventions that attract attention and reveal what might live there are connecting people to place at Hobsonville Point—a medium-density suburb designed with the infrastructure necessary to generate a socially successful and sustainable community. Without explanation or instruction, these architectural objects create a unique and memorable user experience. Solving the client’s desire for inhabitants of Hobsonville to come to know the natural community that they live among in addition to the human one.

Better by Design Conference Signage

Merit Award
Better by Design Conference Signage, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, Alt Group Limited

Better by Design grew out of the Design Taskforce strategy, which promotes the use of design as a differentiator for products and services in export markets. The challenge was engaging New Zealand business at a leadership level, and changing the preconceptions of design being associated with aesthetics and output, rather than a fundamental business driver. This demanded a different approach, as images of design would only reinforce the status quo. The solution was to make voice visible.

Alt Group Limited
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