Brynn Knight

Brynn Knight, Creative Director, ASI.

Brynn Knight joined ASI as Creative Director in June 2018 after working for Poblocki Sign Company for almost 12 years.

Brynn Knight earned her Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Digital Arts from Elon University.

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Brynn Knight, Creative Director, ASI, Holly Springs, North Carolina
Holly Springs, NC

Travis Raymond

Travis Raymond is an Environmental Graphic Designer at ASI Signage in Minneapolis.

Travis Raymond focuses on creating environmental graphics, new concept ideations and 3d renderings with experience ranging from art directing department renovations to designing acrylic fixtures

Travis Raymond grew up riding a bike and playing baseball in Tucson, AZ. He later moved to the land of cheese and spotted cows. Travis went from living in the Sonoran Desert to the Frozen Tundra. 

Travis Raymond is an Environmental Graphic Designer at ASI Signage in Minneapolis.
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Jim Bishop

Jim Bishop is the President + Owner of ASI in Kenner, Louisiana.

Louisiana’s rich heritage of culture, architecture, and the arts continue to influence ASI, Louisiana’s purposeful design aesthetic and signage solutions. From the 18th century Old World backdrop of the French Quarter, to the genteel Garden District, to Acadiana’s Cajun joie de vivre, the area is full of inspiration and motivation.

Jim Bishop is the President + Owner of ASI in Kenner, Louisiana
Kenner, LA

Dan Salamone

Dan Salamone is a Business Development Manager at ASI. He has spent his entire business career as a sales and marketing professional, holding positions as sales consultant or sales manager for a variety of companies. The majority of his career has been spent with ASI, which cumulatively equals approximately twenty-five years. Throughout his career with ASI, Dan Salamone has been a leader, a consummate professional and a consistent member of ASI’s Million Dollar Sales Club, the highest level of achievement for a sales consultant within the organization.

Dan Salamone, ASI


1996 Arrow Award honoree

Our ASI Signage Heartland affiliate has been in business for over 30 years while our network in the United States has been in existence for the last 50 years. Tom and Dianne Latimer are the owners of ASI in Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Colorado and Wyoming, and have grown their Company from two employees in 1985 to 100 employees today. That growth has been due to providing new and innovative products along with an absolute commitment to customer service.

Buffalo State College Donor Recognition Wall

Finalist 2018
Finalist 2017
Buffalo State College Donor Recognition Wall

Cannon Design was tasked with providing a custom interior donor wall for the Phase II addition to the Science and Mathematics Complex at Buffalo State College. The vision was to use the space to pay tribute to the generosity of the donors and benefactors who made the space possible and also to pay homage to the science and mathematics programs within the complex and, lastly, to recognize the important work the Great Lakes Center is providing in improving the Great Lakes ecosystem.

Kristin Adkins

21 years in design and management for the sign industry, extensive experience in wayfinding and planning/programming sign systems; internal communications; marketing and social media; prior to the sign industry my background is all in newspaper advertising and internal marketing.

Specialties: DesignBuild, SignPlanning, sign construction & design, knowledge of ADA guidelines (SEGD ADA Certified), Social Media

Kristin Adkins, ASI
Grinnell, IA


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