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Jeffery Dumo - Aligning Experiences + Content to User Needs

SEGD is an amazing community of designers, fabricators and manufacturers who create experiences that connect people to place. One of the many membership benefits of SEGD is a library of talks from SEGD's past events. All videos from 2014 through 2019 are available for viewing for members for free. 

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What is Customer Experience and Why Should You Care?

Customer Experience is not just about the experiences customers have in retail settings. CX also refers to users in non-retail settings as well. At SEGD’s CX Workshop—March 10 at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas—you’ll see how this form of experience design is using digital technology to connect people to brands and spaces—from retail stores to sports arena and from hospitality and entertainment venues to corporate spaces.

Architect-ing Customer Experience with Array Interactive

Adobe Briefing Center

Jeff Dumo uses the word “architect” as a verb. His agency Array Interactive “architects” digital experiences for built environments. That’s an important grammatical and functional distinction, because Array believes digital experiences should be a seamless part of the physical space, not pasted on as an afterthought. Learn how Dumo tackles customer experience—and what he thinks about the term “digital signage”—at the SEGD CX Workshop March 10 in Las Vegas!

Hoa Tong

Hoa Tong is an award-winning creative with over 15 years of experience on both the agency and corporate side. He has managed as well as developed creative departments from the ground up. Hoa's creative work has enabled top tier and start up clients to succeed in online and offline media, lead generation, demand creation, new media, social media, and experiential marketing.

Photograph of Hoa Tong, Array Interactive
San Francisco, CA
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