ApolloLuxe™ is a story of two great friends, Kenan Hanhan and Emre Akcin, merging their companies, their wholesale manufacturing capabilities, and their great people to launch a company with the mission to expand the design and manufacturing possibilities of custom low-profile trim-less LED-illuminated signage, display systems, fixtures, and commercial furniture for branded environments.  

Kenan Hanhan

Kenan Hanhan is a founding partner of ApolloLuxe™, a leading European wholesale manufacturer of custom, UL listed low-profile trim-less LED-illuminated signage, custom commercial fixtures & furniture for branded environments.

Kenan has a passion for expanding the possibilities of LED-illuminated architectural signage as well as the materials and production possibilities to support the turnkey build-out of environments that inspire and educate.  

Kenan Hanhan, Gemini
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