Ann Harakawa

Ann Harakawa

Ann Harakawa is Principal and CEO of Two Twelve. Ann has been an entrepreneur since the age of sixteen, when she found a bolt of vintage Hawaiian fabric and rallied a crew of family and friends to design and sew bathing suits for a local head shop and clothing boutique. In the five and a half decades since, she has developed an unerring sense of how design and business complement each other. At Two Twelve, Ann has dedicated herself to bringing value to clients, and designing strategic solutions to solve their most complex public information problems.

Ann Harakawa, Principal and CEO, Two Twelve
New York

Grand Central Construction Barricades

Honor Award
Grand Central Construction Barricades, LaSalle Partners, Two Twelve Harakawa

Grand Central Terminal, the landmark Beaux Arts transportation hub in the heart of New York City, was undergoing a $175 million renovation to clean and restore the building. Envisioned to be more than a railway station, the terminal houses more than 100 new retail stores and restaurants. To create a sense of excitement and anticipation about the restoration program, Two Twelve designed a system that expresses near completion of construction and gave pedestrians a sense of what was to come.

Two Twelve Harakawa

Grand Central Terminal Retail Directory Map

Merit Award
Grand Central Terminal Retail Directory Map, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Two Twelve Harakawa

"Uniquely Grand, Totally Central" is the slogan for the newly renovated Grand Central Terminal. A crossroads for New Yorkers and visitors alike, the terminal is a major public transportation juncture, a renowned New York landmark and a successful retail destination. Two Twelve created two wayfinding maps for this grand space. With the retail directory, the challenge was to design a map that would highlight all of the Terminal's special features and its rich history.

Two Twelve Harakawa

NeXtwork Convention

Honor Award
NeXtwork Convention, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Two Twelve Associates

The communication goal for this internal brand gathering was to engage and encourage managers and owners to think differently about their roles within the company as it moves away from a focus on real estate to a vision of the collection of Starwood lifestyle brands. The role of the environmental graphic designers was to immerse them in the brand-centric vision, excite, and surprise them with multi-sensory experiences as they mingled in a large lobby space.

Two Twelve Associates
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