Amy Owen

CityCenter Las Vegas Environmental Graphics and Wayfinding

A truly unique project from the SEGD archives circa 2010, CityCenter Las Vegas had a dream-team of five firms working on experiential graphic design. The 76-acre site sits on one of the world’s most notorious streets, where the development company commissioned eight world-renowned architects, 15 fine artists, more than 250 design firms, and 9,000 construction workers to realize an unprecedented $8.5 billion “urban resort”.

Amy Owen

Amy Owen is the Environmental Design Director at the multidisciplinary design studio, EGG Office in Los Angeles, CA.

She says: "My focus on the built environment, with its ability to surround and engage the individual in real time and real space, represents one of the ultimate brand-building opportunities. At the same time, branding in the built environment is a highly complex opportunity. It makes special demands on existing brand assets in order to realize the potential of brands in the built environment."

Photograph of Amy Owen, EGG Office
EGG Office
Los Angeles, CA
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