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Terry Graboski's Sketchbook

Terry Graboski's Sketchbook

It started 30 years ago when I needed a Valentine’s Day card for my wife Constance. In the office, late at night, all I had was paper and an X-Acto knife. I started cutting out a flower design. After a while I decided to keep cutting and see how much paper I could remove from the sheet. The shapes I removed were as important as the solid areas I left.

Van Nuys Flyaway

Merit Award
Van Nuys Flyaway, Los Angeles World Airports, Sussman/Prejza & Company

The Van Nuys Flyaway is part of the Los Angeles World Airports' system of regional satellite depots that service Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) via a park-and-ride system from the San Fernando Valley. Newly renovated and expanded, it functions as a remote airport terminal with flight and baggage check-in services. It eliminates an estimated 2,000-plus cars from the Los Angeles County roads and freeways each day, helping to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.

Sussman/Prejza & Company
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