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Martine Murray

Martine Murray brings strong analytical skills and out-of-the-box thinking to every project that crosses her desk.

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Concordia University and a certificate in management from McGill University, Martine Murray took on administrative and customer service positions before combining those skills in her role as project coordinator for SH.

Martine Murray, Alto & Folia at SH
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2017 SEGD Arrow Award Winner
THE SH STORY SH has a mission to enhance branded environments with its innovative graphic solutions. Adding to their portfolio of award-winning kitchen & bath showrooms, SH is also a leading provider of innovative material and graphic solutions for museums, parks and entertainment destinations. Our team of diligent graphic designers and a fully-functioning 85,000 square-foot millwork shop give us the knowledge and experience our clients have come to rely on.

Signs of Change—Adapting to a New Visitor Experience

Signs of Change—Adapting to a New Visitor Experience

Read Time: 2.5 minutes

By Melanie Daigle, ALTO™️ I FOLIA™️ by SH

Watching over the past few months as countries have opened back up, it’s become clear that we are not interacting with the world the way we used to. Behaviors have changed, especially in public spaces. Now, those who are maintaining and designing public spaces have to consider how to keep people safe in those spaces, and that means everyone from maintenance staff to volunteers to visitors.

MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility, East Campus Housing

Merit Award 2020
MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility, East Campus Housing

The Oregon Youth Authority is a correctional agency that has taken a significant departure from the status quo by working to transform the lives of incarcerated youth every day. The goal for the new East Campus Cottages at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility was to embody a new program for how the most dangerous incarcerated youth in Oregon should live, learn, and heal from trauma.

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