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Elizabeth Bisenga

Elizabeth Bisenga offers a range of experience, from working as a freelance draftsman, designer, and artist to teaching interior design at the Art Institute of Seattle. She earned her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently working towards an MFA in interdisciplinary art at Goddard College. Elizabeth has created branding, marketing, and packaging materials for clients ranging from small, locally-owned businesses to City Parks and Recreation agencies.

Elizabeth Bisenga
Alta Planning + Design
Portland, OR

Josh Sikich

Everyone loves to have a choice. The ability to decide how you want to travel in your daily life is potentially mundane...but that choice has wide-ranging impacts. For the individual, it can mean more happiness, improved health, or a feeling of greater connection to the surrounding world. For society, a diverse range of transportation options can improve the economic vitality of a region, allow for effective use of public funds, and provide a sustainable environment respectful of natural resources.

Photograph of Josh Sikich, Alta Planning
Chicago, IL
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