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What's Neue?

What's Neue?

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You’ve always liked the Frutiger typeface. Finally, you can justify buying the complete family—but which one: Frutiger, Frutiger Neue or Frutiger Next? They look the same (well, pretty much) yet each has a different name. So, what’s going on here?

By Allan Haley, author, lecturer and expert on all things typographic


What’s Going On

Not for Print

Not for Print

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Type creates memorability, entices audiences, commands attention and enlightens the reader. But simply engaging and informing audiences is no longer enough. Type is now being called on to envelop them. This expanded view of typography embraces a wide range of disciplines including graphic, interactive, architectural, interior, landscape and industrial design—sometimes all at the same time. This may mean some changes to the fonts we use.

Allan Haley: Scaling Typography: From Interface to Screen Fonts- Fonts, Brand, and the User Experience

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Q&A With Allan Haley, Monotype

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Allan Haley is Director of Words & Letters for Monotype, the global typeface designer and provider. He’ll be a featured speaker at SEGD’s Exhibition & Experience Design WorkshopAugust 21-22 in Washington, D.C.

He spoke with SEGD recently about type, brand, and the user experience.

What do experiential graphic designers need to know about using type across various platforms, from print and exhibit text to interfaces and display screens?

Allan Haley

Allan Haley is an author, lecturer and expert on all things typographic.

His clients include Monotype, Graphis, the Museum of Printing, The International Society of Typographic Designers and

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