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Old School, New Traditions at the Collegiate School

Old School, New Traditions at the Collegiate School

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The Collegiate School in New York City traces its roots back to 1628, so when it came time for the K-12 boy’s day school to move into a new and modern building, they enlisted the help of Alexander Isley Inc (New York) to help preserve the past and design future traditions.

It doesn’t happen every day that a client leaves an experiential graphic design project open-ended save for one very specific instruction: No supergraphics. The Collegiate School in Manhattan is no ordinary client.

Alexander Isley, Inc. Turns 30

Alexander Isley, Inc. Turns 30

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Congratulations to Alexander Isley, Inc. (New York) on 30 years!

Isley founded the firm in August 1988, in the front room of an empty real estate broker's office at 285 West Broadway. Back then, it was just him, one phone, one waxer (probably not the kind you're thinking) and four drawing tables arranged so that he could bounce around between multiple projects.

Alexander Isley Helps Ridgefield Library Build Community

The best way to raise awareness — and get people in the doors — was to talk about all a new library would offer, and in so doing perhaps change some preconceptions about what a library is. And it worked! The place is packed with lots of new faces. Attendance is up. People continue to donate. Everyone involved seems happy, and a bit better informed.


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