The Franklin Institute's Designers Re-Imagine Donor Recognition

Photo: Franklin Institute Donor Recognition

The Franklin Institute is a popular education and science center in Philadelphia. Together with the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial which is housed in the building's pantheon-inspired rotunda, it is one of the city's top tourist attractions. The Memorial is the fee-free entry area to the building and the section that sees the most visitors.

Lankenau Hospital Wayfinding System

Honor Award
Lankenau Hospital Wayfinding System, Main Line Health - Lankenau Hospital, AGS, ex;it

If healthcare is considered as a journey, then why not provide tools to support all phases of the process, from the time an appointment is made, through to leaving the scheduled procedure? In fact, why not measure how the visitor experiences navigating the facility and use the findings to guide the priorities of a phased implementation plan? Lankenau Hospital agreed with this cutting-edge approach and undertook a program of pre-arrival destination cards, wayfinding guides, exterior and interior signage, and volunteer training.

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