Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth Williams is a Principal at TEN400 in San Antonio, TX.

TEN400 is the link between the wholesale architectural signage and graphics industry and the construction trade. If you have a design package already on hand or need help establishing a sign plan, TEN400 will bring years of hands-on fabrication and installation experience combined with strong project management skills to your team. TEN400 has extensive knowledge of ADA and Code required signage specifications and the permit process with many municipalities. Trust TEN400 to make your project a success.

Elizabeth Williams is a Principal at TEN400 in San Antonio, TX.
San Antonio, TX

April Watson

April Watson is the e-Commerce Manager at Intersign Corporation in Chattanooga, TN

For those 25 years Intersign Corporation has been designing and producing the highest quality interior and exterior signs available for hospitals, hotels, businesses, restaurants, long–term care facilities, law firms, hair salons, apartments, robots, and more. Intersign Corporation has more sign options, color options, and font options than anyone else—and we give you control over the way you want your signs to look.

April Watson is a Marketing Director at Intersign Corporation in Chattanooga, TN
Intersign Corporation
Chattanooga, TN

Advance Sign Group

Advance Sign Group (ASG) is a nationally trusted leader in exterior & interior signage, and our special project management approach ensures that we have control of the entire process. From our in-house UL and CUL manufacturing to ongoing maintenance of your sign long after installation, we are your first line of defense for policing your brand identity.

Identity Group

At Identity Group, we believe the right signs not only will complete your project, they can perfect it. That’s why we dedicate our 240,000-square-foot manufacturing craftsmanship in facilities throughout the U.S., as well as our tireless customer service efforts, to ensuring the vision for your building design is realized.

Sarah Szekeresh

Sarah Szekeresh is Co-Chair of SEGD's San Francisco Chapter. Sarah is a designer with a passion for problem solving and collaboration. She specializes in environmental graphics, wayfinding and placemaking, with a focus on corporate and civic spaces. She creates thoughtful, responsive solutions that improve the way a user interacts with his or her environment.

Sarah Szekeresh
San Francisco


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