Rie Takeuchi

I’m a recent graduate from The University of Texas at Austin’s M.A. in Design focused on Health program. I come from a background in video production and love storytelling.

After struggling to find my way around hospitals and encountering signs in public spaces that weren’t inclusive, I developed a strong interest in designing experiences, particularly wayfinding systems and services.

Rie Takeuchi
University of Texas Austin (UTSOA)
Austin, TX

James Smith

I am the Regulations Compliance Manager for Intersign Corporation, and as such, I advise Intersign on all signage regulations as it relates to the built environment. Whether it's the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, fire codes, building codes, or any local ordinance requiring interior signage of any type, I understand the intricate legalities throughout the United States and its territories. Coming from a legal background, having a formal education in the law, my approach is much different from all other experts in the field of wayfinding. I am a U.S.

James Smith, Intersign Corporation
Intersign Corporation

Allison Moz

Allison Moz is a Wayfinding Partner at eyecandy Signs in Halifax, Canada.

Allison Moz joined eyecandy in 2004, bringing a blend of design and sales expertise to the business. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she was a keen student of the fabrication process and continues to follow developments in technique and materials. This knowledge, combined with an understanding of customers' business agendas, allows Allison Moz to consistently develop signage solutions that succeed and delight.

Allison Moz, eyecandy SIGNS INC
eyecandy SIGNS INC

Debra Satterfield

Debra Satterfield is the Owner at BrainCreate in Orange County, CA. 

Debra Satterfield is empowering and mentoring tomorrow’s Thought Leaders today through high impact, individualized education experiences both online and face-to-face. Debra provides mentoring in User Experience Design, Design for Social Inclusion, Design for Behavioral Change, Design for Aging and Life Stages, and Design for Supporting and Empowering Persons with all Levels Of Cognitive and Physical Abilities. 

Debra Satterfield is the Owner at BrainCreate and an Assistant Professor at California State University Long Beach in Orange County, CA.
California State University Long Beach
Orange County

Bryce Tolliday

Bryce Tolliday is the Director of Access All Ways

Access All Ways Consultants is a firm of accredited access consultants based in SE Queensland providing specialized advice on access for people with disabilities and wayfinding to major projects all over Australia.

Bryce Tolliday, Director, All Access Ways, Brisbane Australia
Access All Ways
Brisbane, Australia

Steve Harroun

As Regional Manager of the Pittsburgh territory for APCO Signs, Steve Harroun works closely with architects, designers, and clients to ensure successful completion of their projects. With over 10 years of experience in the sign industry, he can provide consultation on every aspect of a sign program’s development, deployment and long-term maintenance.

Steve Harroun’s focus has been in the medical, government, academic, and corporate fields, which often require a comprehensive approach to signage systems and benefit from the use of modular products.

Steve Harroun, APCO Sign Systems
APCO Sign Systems


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