2022 Present Yourself

Joshua Huckleberry

Joshua Huckleberry is a co-chair of the Orange County Chapter

Joshua Huckleberry is a Senior Project Designer in Branding & Signage at Ware Malcomb, an international design firm providing planning, architecture, interior design, branding and civil engineering services to commercial real estate and corporate clients..

Joshua is an Environmental/Experiential Designer, Signage Consultant, and Front-End Web UX/UI Designer. His main focus is bringing your brand and identity to life within any project you may need.

Huckleberry & Wright

Welcoming Emerging Professionals: SEGD’s Young Designer Series

Welcoming Emerging Professionals: SEGD’s Young Designer Series

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SEGD’s Young Designers Series (YDS) provides a great forum for student designers and emerging professionals in the field of EGD/XGD to connect, be inspired, and have a voice within our global, multidisciplinary community. The following recaps YDS’s recent “Present Yourself” event and takes a sneak-peek at what the upcoming 2022 Annual Conference Experience has in store for young designers. 

Elizabeth Griswold

Liz Griswold is the Special Projects Director for SEGD. She is responsible for managing a portfolio of key internal projects and initiatives for the organization. With her focus aimed on strategic integration, Liz is responsible for the communication, management and logistical support of targeted milestones and projects. She contributes to knowledge-sharing efforts and coordinates with external partners and consultancy firms. Liz joined the SEGD staff in 2022, and has been an active professional member since 2005.

Elizabeth Griswold
Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD)
Raleigh, NC

2022 Present Yourself


Tuesday, January 4, 2022 - 12:15pm


Registration is now closed for this Present Yourself session.

Join SEGD for the third annual Present Yourself event on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 from 3-5 p.m. ET.

Present Yourself, SEGD’s initiative connecting students to their future careers, also provides mentorship opportunities for professionals as well as links to the next wave of design talent.

On April 27, 2022, SEGD will host a virtual space where graduating design students will meet SEGD professionals for candid portfolio reviews and career advice—essential in our current climate.

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Jonathan Posnett

Jonathan Posnett is a Principal in the New York Office of Entro, with over 25 years of experience in the development of design and strategy-based solutions for clients striving to improve the user experience in the built environment. Jonathan's role as Principal focuses on client relationship development, with a focus on project management, creative direction and business development.

jonathan posnett headshot
New York

Jessica Schrader

Jessica Schrader is a Senior Project Manager at Entro and Co-Chair of the NYC Chapter

Jessica brings creative expertise and leadership skills to all of her Entro projects. Her focus is on the development and design of complex signage and wayfinding systems for a variety of national and international clients. She has performed design and leadership roles for hundreds of award-winning projects, and is accomplished in every aspect of environmental graphic design, from concept to close-out.

Jessica Schrader
New York City

Hannah Anderson

Hannah Anderson is a former Board Member and Cincinnati Chapter Chair. She is Construction Administration Lead at Kolar in Cincinnati.

Hannah Anderson has over a decade of experience in experiential graphic design and leadership. Hannah oversees the successful detailing and implementation of design solutions through her Construction Administration Lead role at Kolar Design.

Hannah Anderson is the Construction Administration Lead at Kolar Design in Cincinnati
Kolar Design
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