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Jeff Lancaster

Jeff Lancaster is the creative director for HOK’s Experience Design group. Jeff Lancaster brings with him experience in creating brand experiences for clients in workplace, higher education, technology and retail that spans two decades. This includes clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Comcast, Bank of America, and LG. Lancaster’s experience has given him the opportunity to be included in the entire process of built projects, from development to creation and finished product.

Jeff Lancaster
Los Angeles

SEGD VOICES Design Smackdown 2021: Ultimately, Everybody Wins

SEGD VOICES Design Smackdown 2021: Ultimately, Everybody Wins

Save the date for Design Smackdown, SEGD edition!

Join us on September 23 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm (US Eastern Time) for Design Smackdown 2021, sponsored by Designtex, In this virtual live event, designer contestants will team up and compete for the best design solutions in under 40 minutes (think SEGD Design Improv meets “Chopped”). Each of the four teams will present their solutions to a virtual audience of SEGD members and Jurors who will then vote for their favorite concept.

There will be SEGD trivia and prizes!

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Friday, December 18, 2020 - 11:15pm

What is the Design Smackdown? It’s a live design event where designers team up compete for the best design solution in under 40 minutes. Each team will present back to the audience at the end and the audience will vote on their favorite concept. There will be prizes!! 

The Design Smackdown was created by Jeff Lancaster, Creative Director of HOK’s Experience Design group, in early 2020 and has hosted the event in over six cities as a way to increase collaboration between remote designers.

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