2021 Membership Committee

Kenan Hanhan

Kenan Hanhan is a founding partner of ProvisGraphic™ LLC, the US subsidiary of Provis d.o.o., one of the leading wholesale manufacturers of LED-illuminated architectural signage in Europe, from jewel-like 2 inch high precision display lettering designed for retail environments, to 16+ foot tall high-rise lettering that make our cities inspiring places to live.

Kenan Hanhan, Gemini

Welcoming New Members to SEGD

Welcoming New Members to SEGD

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All throughout March, SEGD is celebrating YOU, our members. This week, we are introducing a few of our newest who participated in this past January’s “New Member Roundtable,” a monthly membership welcome. The group represents a broad cross-section of SEGD’s growing membership. Get to know Niloufar Abdolmaleki, Sean Tomlin and Brad Jones; learn why they joined SEGD and what they are passionate about. After reading about them, you might want to reach out and connect! That’s what SEGD is all about.

Niloufar Abdolmaleki

Welcome to Membership March!

Welcome to Membership March!

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​​​​​​​Here at SEGD, there is something we love more than anything else … Our Members! And this month, we are celebrating members with “Membership March.” That’s right, a whole entire month dedicated to our SEGD Members! This includes feature articles devoted to  our newest members, a membership survey, and even exciting prizes for joining or renewing during the month of March.

New look, same great benefit! The Vanguard Roundtable is now the New Member Roundtable

New Member Roundtable

New look, same great benefit!

Launched in 2021, the Vanguard Roundtable is an exclusive virtual networking event for new members. 

After a successful and inspiring inaugural year, we are updating the name of the Vanguard Roundtable to New Member Roundtable! We've decided to make this change to more clearly reflect the purpose of the event and eliminate any confusion associated with the Vanguard distinction that honors and recognizes those whose meaningful work is creating a better world through design today.

Time to Connect and Renew: Welcome to SEGD September

Time to Connect and Renew: Welcome to SEGD September

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It’s that time of year when we switch out our beach totes for backpacks and tank tops for sweaters. The transition from Summer to Fall has officially begun. As we move into this season, it’s a perfect time to reflect on what is important to us. Family, friends, and of course your SEGD membership! Fall is a perfect time to join or renew as you prepare for the next year in your career.

Annelle Stotz

Annelle Stotz is on the 2021 SEGD Board and was a Co-Chair for the Seattle Chapter.

Annelle Stotz is a designer working at IA Interior Architects, and is growing the EGD capability in the Seattle office. She is working with global teams to create strategic and integrated experiences for clients within their workplace.

Annelle Stotz

Kris Helmick

Kris Helmick serves on the 2017-2021 SEGD Boards as the Chapter Chair Liaison, and also as Co-chair for the SEGD Los Angeles Chapter. He is also the Associate Vice President of Environmental Graphics at CallisonRTKL

Kris has more than 10 years of experience working on signage, wayfinding and exhibit design projects.

Kris Helmick
Hunt Design
Los Angeles
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