2020 Wayfinding Placemaking

Wayfinding + Placemaking NOW Redux

Wayfinding + Placemaking NOW Redux

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SEGD’s two-day mini-series, Wayfinding + Placemaking NOW, addressed the design of wayfinding systems and public spaces that feel safe and welcoming in our current global crises: the health pandemic, social unrest, economic volatility, and environmental decline. This is the moment when designers are being called on to reimagine public spaces, and present solutions for engaging and connecting to the places that surround us. The responses were illuminating.

2020 Wayfinding Placemaking



Friday, October 18, 2019 - 3:15pm

As professionals who design and build experiential spaces, our work connects people to place in myriad meaningful ways. In the midst of a multiple global crises, public spaces are problematic, and wayfinding and placemaking solutions need to extend beyond creating navigable and compelling spaces to provide greater safety, security, and peace of mind for users.

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Nick Kapica

SEGD Wellington Chapter Chair
2018 SEGD Chapter Chair Award Winner

I am a designer, passionate about communication but interested in all fields of design …

I am passionate about visual communication, interested in all fields of design and architecture, and my favourite projects are those requiring a multitude of design fields.

Wellington, New Zealand


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