2020 Film Focus Barefoot Artist

Alan Jacobson

2005 Distinguished Member Award honoree. As Founder and President of the experience and design strategy firm ex;it and the brand and communications firm J2 Design Partnership, Alan has provided innovative leadership to helping organizations of diverse disciplines define their experience vision and craft design strategies for growth.

Alan Jacobson is the President of Exit Design in Philadelphia.
Exit Design
Philadelphia, PA

Healing Communities through Art - An Interview with artist and activist Lily Yeh

Healing Communities through Art

Read Time: 6 Minutes
We live in a divisive world. Politics, the pandemic, inequity, and ideologies are just a few things which fracture our societies today. The question “How can art and design help heal communities?” is more important than ever. Contributor Franck M. Mercurio interviewed Lily Yeh, the real-life protagonist of The Barefoot Artist. The film documents Yeh’s mission to rebuild shattered communities through immersive public art projects, across the globe, and is next week’s SEGD Film Focus — Thursday November 19th, film viewing starts at 5:30pm EST and live Q&A with Lily Yeh and panelists at 7:00pm EST.

SEGD Film Focus: The Barefoot Artist



Wednesday, November 11, 2020 - 1:15pm

SEGD Film Focus
The Barefoot Artist (2014)
Glenn Holsten and Daniel Traub (co-directors)
Thursday, November 19, 2020
5:30 – 8:30 pm, Eastern
How can art and design help heal shattered communities? Artist and activist Lily Yeh presents several compelling strategies in the 2014 film The Barefoot Artist. Yeh travels from North Philadelphia to Rugerero, Rwanda, to Cité Soleil, Haiti, working with local residents to connect to one another and rebuild their lives—all through artistic means.

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