2019 Partnerships that Made a Difference

Thank you to all our 2019 SEGD event Sponsors!

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You may find them behind classy display tables, blending seamlessly into the crowd, or on the bright SEGD stage. Maybe you've seen their work, or worked with them on various projects in the past, or are looking to connect with them in the near future. 

Wherever you find them, their names are everywhere and they've got lots to offer.

They are our spectacular SEGD 2019 Sponsors and this week SEGD giving them a shoutout for all that they do.

Illinois Holocaust Museum's Four New Immersive Galleries

Illinois Holocaust Museum's Four New Immersive Galleries

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Extensive updates to the core Karkomi Holocaust Exhibition at the Illinois Holocaust Museum (Skokie, Ill.) serve to debunk the myth that Jewish citizens did not resist the Holocaust, with new exhibition galleries that showcase armed, physical resistance in occupied Europe during the Holocaust. The Museum partnered with Luci Creative (Chicago), a full-service museum planning and exhibit design firm, to develop the updates and Ravenswood Studio as the fabrication partner.

Nanov Adapts to the Changing Climate with Summer Maintenance

Nanov Adapts to the Changing Climate with Summer Maintenance

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Even by South Floridian standards, this year has been a record-breaking year bringing heat-waves, high humidity and skyrocketing summer temperatures. To address the series of challenges this brings, Nanov Display (Miami) LCD hardware installed at Miami Bayside and Jackson Memorial Hospital recently underwent inspection and maintenance, to ensure that they can withstand any remaining sweltering days this year, as well as far into the future.

NanoLumens at Kentucky Ark Encounter

NanoLumens at Kentucky Ark Encounter

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The Ark Encounter in Kentucky is unlike any other theme park on the planet, letting visitors walk inside a life-size model of Noah’s famous ark from the Bible’s flood account. In 2019, the park opened a brand-new building, the Answers Center, where it leads daily presentations in a 2,500-seat auditorium, offers memorabilia at a gift shop and hosts guest speakers on a variety of biblical topics.    

CEO Update Q3, 2019: Everything's the Same, but Different

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And don't we all know it?

This has been an interesting quarter defined by the term "change is our only constant." As a designer by training and probably a lot like you, I would not want it any other way. We believe that you can always improve. It is what we do. However...


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