2019 Webinar 08

2019 Webinar 08


Thursday, September 12, 2019 - 2:00pm

Last month's webinar featured Color-Ad's  S. K. Rao where he began a dialogue on the strategic working relationship between designers and fabricators and what can be improved in an effort to create a more efficient, cohesive partnership, told from the perspective of a fabricator.

This month, Hannah Anderson, Construction Administration Lead at Kolar Design and SEGD Board Member, will share a designer's perspective to continue the dialogue. 

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Hannah Anderson

Hannah Anderson is a former Board Member and Cincinnati Chapter Chair. She is Construction Administration Lead at Kolar in Cincinnati.

Hannah Anderson has over a decade of experience in experiential graphic design and leadership. Hannah oversees the successful detailing and implementation of design solutions through her Construction Administration Lead role at Kolar Design.

Hannah Anderson is the Construction Administration Lead at Kolar Design in Cincinnati
Kolar Design
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