2017 Webinar 06

2017 Webinar 06 - 3D Modeling for Design Build Projects



Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 2:00pm

SEGD Webinars

Webinar 06



3D Modeling for the Design-Build Project

Keith Davis, KRD Design


3D modeling is not just for pretty pictures! Think beyond the visual and improve your ROI using 3D modeling throughout the entire lifecycle of a design-build project. This presentation explores how to utilize 3D Modeling from preliminary concept design and client presentation through production.


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Keith Davis

My mission is to understand the needs and wants of creative professionals and to partner with them in developing their visions into tangible products. It is my task to establish and clearly define design intent through the creation of comprehensive design documentation drawings and preserve its integrity through implementation.

My job is to be the "go-to" resource for taking your creative concepts through completion on the most complicated projects.

Keith Davis
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