2017 New Zealand Conference

Stephen McDougall

Stephen McDougall is founding director of Studio Pacific Architecture in Wellington, New Zealand. He has been a director of Studio Pacific since the company’s founding in 1992.

Stephen McDougall is a registered New Zealand architect with 30 years’ work experience in the disciplines of urban design, strategic master-planning, architecture and interior design. The range of Stephen’s work and experience extends to a number of countries including Libya, Australia, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands and Uzbekistan.

Photo of StephenMcDougall
Studio Pacific Architecture

Whare Timu

Whare Timu is an architectural graduate at Studio Pacific Architecture, a firm based in New Zealand that undertakes a large range of projects, from small individual furniture items to large projects involving entire new towns.

Whare Timu joined Studio Pacific after graduating from Victoria University of Wellington in 2012. His undergraduate thesis was based on iwi and hāpu commercial land ventures into urban living. It was described as a strong argument for social connection for iwi and allowing iwi to make the most out of their opportunities living within urban environments.

Photo of Whare Timu
Studio Pacific Architecture

Uwe Brückner

Uwe Brückner is a partner at Atelier Brückner (Stuttgart), an architecture, exhibitions and scenography firm. Atelier Brückner is a well-known firm which designs narrative architecture and spaces for brands, exhibitions, tradeshows and museums. The studio employs 75 multidisciplinary staff around the world from architects, stage and set designers, interior and lighting designers, graphic designers, filmmakers and communications experts to art historians.

Photo of Uwe Brückner
Atelier Brueckner GmbH

Sir Richard Taylor

Sir Richard Taylor is the founder, creative director and head of New Zealand film prop and special effects company Weta Workshop. Weta Workshop is a multi-award winning design studio and physical manufacturing facility servicing the world's entertainment and creative industries.

Richard is best known for his work on the film trilogy The Lord of the Rings (2001–03), directed and adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels by New Zealand director Sir Peter Jackson.

Photo of Sir Richard Taylor

Nick Kapica Off Grid Conference Chair Discusses the Rationale for the Conference

Nick Kapica, SEGD Chapter Chair, Wellington, New Zealand

Nick Kapica, 2017 Off Grid Conference Chair and SEGD's Wellington, New Zealand Chapter Chair discusses the idea behind Off Grid, a new type of event for SEGD which invites you to go on a journey discovering new cities and cultures. You will observe how experiences are created in environments other than the ones you are used to. Finally all participants come together to discuss what you learned about experiential graphic design. It's an immersive real world learning experience.

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