2015 Xlab

Joe Karadin

Joe Karadin is the Executive Creative Director of TESSELLATE, creating impactful experiences within the built environment. A highly experienced architect and exhibit designer, Joe has more than 18 years of experience in immersive environmental design.

Photo of Joe Karadin, ESI
New York, NY

XLab 2015: Meet the Faces of Digital Disruption

NEW YORK –  Artists, hackers, coders, and entrepreneurs are transforming the ways we connect with each other in the digital and physical worlds and disrupting the very nature of experience design. They’ll gather at Xlab 2015—Nov. 5-6 in NYC—to share how they’re using platforms like virtual reality, messaging, wearable technology, beacons, and data to connect people and place.

The Future of Wearable Technology and Experience Design

Technically, the Apple Watch, Jawbone UP, and Google Glass are nothing new. Wearable technology has been around since the early 17th century, when Chinese mathematicians adapted the abacus as a ring. Soon after, the pocket watch caught on in Europe—offering humans the first wearable, mobile technology that augmented their awareness of time, space, and environmental conditions.

Interactive Media and Digital Storytelling at the Penn Museum

Native American Voices at Penn Museum

When the Penn Museum launched its long-term exhibition Native American Voices: The People—Here and Now, its goal was to challenge some common misconceptions by showing how today’s Native American leaders are creating political, religious, linguistic, and artistic independence. A suite of interactives by Bluecadet (Philadelphia) helps tell those stories.

David Kepron

As Creative Director of Little’s Brand Experience Studio, David Kepron, AIA, LEED® AP, RDI draws on 25 years of work as an architect, artist, and educator. His multidisciplinary approach to the creation of shopping places focuses on understanding consumer behavior and the creation of relevant shopping experiences at the intersection of architecture, sociology, neuroscience and emerging digital technologies.

Photo of David Kepron
Philadelphia, PA

Neil Redding

Neil Redding explores what emerging technology can do to enhance the meaning and function of physical experiences. 

Neil Redding is a seasoned creative technologist, business and experience strategist, software architect, and developer with two decades of work across industries, regions, and cultures. He is a proven successful leader, collaborator, manager, and guide and is expert at aligning technical approach with creative ideas and business goals. 

Photo of Neil Redding, Gensler
New York City

Mike Clare

Mike Clare received his higher education at RISD (The Rhode Island School of Design) in Providence, Rhode Island from 2006 - 2010. He also took courses at nearby Brown University. Mike designed consumer products and packaging for FRED as an internship, was a studio assistant for Toots Zynsky and completed a project design internship at Tellart working on group and individual design and interactive technology projects including augmented reality, RFID, Flash, Illustrator and video technologies, all while finishing his education at RISD.

Photo of Mike Clare
New York City

Becky Stern

Becky Stern is the Director of Wearable Electronics at Adafruit.

Adafruit was founded in 2005, and has grown to more than 50 employees in the heart of NYC with a 15,000+ sq.-ft. factory. The company’s offerings include online training, tools, equipment, and electronics for makers of all ages and skill levels. In 2014, Adafruit was ranked #11 in the top 20 USA manufacturing companies and #1 in New York City by Inc. 5000's "fastest growing private companies." 

Photo of Becky Stern, Adafruit
New York City


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