2015 Customer Experience

Hoa Tong

Hoa Tong is an award-winning creative with over 15 years of experience on both the agency and corporate side. He has managed as well as developed creative departments from the ground up. Hoa's creative work has enabled top tier and start up clients to succeed in online and offline media, lead generation, demand creation, new media, social media, and experiential marketing.

Photograph of Hoa Tong, Array Interactive
San Francisco, CA

Matt Calkins

Matthew Calkins is a senior designer within the Brand Studio in Gensler’s New York office. He specializes in branded environments and design including brand positioning, information architecture, signage, wayfinding, identity design, digital design, interactive environments, user experience design, campaign creative, and art direction.

Matt Calkins, Gensler
New York

In Harman-y - Customer Experience In-Store

When Harman International asked Gensler to design its first North American audio flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York, the Gensler team approached the project with two questions: How do people consume music? And how can we provide an unforgettable, immersive customer experience at the new store? (This award-winning project will be profiled at SEGD’s CX Workshop March 10 in Las Vegas! Join us there!)

CX and You: Unlock the Power!

Innovating Customer Experience at Retail

With his 25-year career spent in store planning and retail architecture, Brian Dyches is an authority on global retail design, marketing, and customer experience. As a headliner at SEGD's CX Workshop March 10 at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, he'll cover trends, innovations, and opportunities for designers, technology experts, and brand marketing professionals to harness the power of digital technology.

SEGD’s CX Workshop Unlocks the Power of Digital Technology to Engage and Excite Customers

LAS VEGAS – Nowhere is digital technology making more of an impact than in retail stores, airports, malls, and other shopping and entertainment venues—where dynamic interaction, customization, and unique experiences can capture and hold on to customers’ attention. 
Designing these compelling, energy-infused spaces takes a unique set of skills and insights—and a basic understanding of what technology can and cannot deliver.

Customer Experience in the Real World

The ways we engage with the world have changed radically, and seemingly overnight. We look at the world through the filter of our smart phones and tablets and, increasingly, through a network of digital interfaces wherever we go. In the subway system, embedded interface technology and digital kiosks help me find the right train and provide tips about shops and amenities nearby. At McDonalds, I can order a custom hamburger (avocado, please, hold the pickles) via a new digital interface. I can add to my parking meter remotely via my smartphone.

Brian Dyches

Brian Dyches is an authority on global retail design, marketing, and customer experience elements such as social media and behavioral characteristics in various consumer environments. Most recently Brian has worked on projects for brands such as Kate Spade, Maracay Homes, Lucky Brand Jeans, BCBG, Prana, and Comerica Banks. He is a partner as well as the Director of Experience Design + Strategy at Openeye Global Design Lab, and previously served as the past international chairman and president of the Retail Design Institute (RDI).

Headshot of Brian Dyches, Open Eye, San Diego CoChapter Chair
San Diego, CA

Darren David

For over 20 years, Darren David has traversed the blurry edges at the intersection of technology and design, exploring nearly every conceivable project role as both client and contributor. Darren's rich and storied career has wound from paper to pixels to people, across a myriad of companies and ventures that ultimately led to several “world’s firsts” and awards. At Stimulant, he provides business, vision and experience design leadership for an inspiring team of like-minded compatriots and pioneers, from whom he learns something new every day.

Photograph of Darren David, Stimulant
San Francisco, CA

Matt Schmitt

Matt Schmitt founded Reflect in 2001 with the purpose of providing businesses with solutions to power in-store digital media networks. Reflect's software and services enable large, geographically dispersed organizations to share and disperse rich media content over distributed corporate networks. In his role as president, Schmitt leads the company's efforts in its mission to empower consumer-facing companies, positively impacting sales and brand equity through the strategic use of in-store digital media solutions. 

Photograph of Matt Schmitt, Reflect
Dallas, TX


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