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Steven Culver

Steven Culver is Director of Business Development-Mediamesh Systems for GKD Metal Fabrics. GKD continues to revolutionize how architectural structures are enhanced aesthetically, augmented functionally and optimized economically. Steven Culver has been a presenter for SEGD webinars and workshops, sharing his expertise on GKD projects and materials and their use in creating immersive experiences in the built environment.

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Sam Stubblefield

Samuel Stubblefield is a designer interested in how art, architecture, and digital technology influence culture. Encouraging abstract thinking and experience design methods within design teams, Sam Stubblefield has successfully developed and executed several permanent exhibits, environmental graphic design programs, didactic spaces and immersive environments. He's also woven film, sound and mixed media into a number of architectural projects.

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David Mayman

David Mayman is a multidisciplinary experience designer in the Gensler San Francisco office driven by his passion for pushing possibilities and his curiosity of the unknown. He is driven to bridge the gap between technology and space through rich user-focused experiences.

Paul Flanigan, Digital Screenmedia Association
Paul Flanigan

Paul Flanigan, Executive Director, Digital Screenmedia Association

My goal is to bring the DSA to the world, and show how digital screens across every channel are an ecosystem of engagement that companies and utilize to bring their brand closer to the consumer. In other words, it's like Tron and The Matrix all wrapped into a bundle of awesome experiences.

Cloud Gehshan Associates

Clients come to us for our expertise and innovation in identity and placebranding, strategic communications, research-based signage and wayfinding, interpretive storytelling and interactive experiences.


NanoLumens is revolutionizing the world of digital media with our elegant, simple and energy efficient line of digital display solutions. We have developed a patented process based on years of research and development to engineer and design attractive, ultra-slim, lightweight and flexible large format digital displays in virtually any size, shape or curvature.

eg conversations | tech webinar: Beyond Screens: Immersive Experiences

Immersive Experiences are starting to appear everywhere. As designers and their clients continue to expand the use of integrative and responsive technology into their environments and spaces, immersive experiences will continue to evolve and converge with their respective contexts. Immersive Experiences are an exciting and rapidly expanding practice area that all XGD designers need to retain fluency in regardless of their focus market segment. We will be discussing the role of collaboration, opportunities for innovation, and the challenges inherent in managing complexity.

University of Cincinnati | School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP)
University of Cincinnati | School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP)

About the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

Welcome to DAAP

The programs within the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning are, year-after-year, ranked among the very best in both a world and national class. For instance

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