Calori & Vanden-Eynden

Calori & Vanden Eynden (New York)’s regional sign program for the Upper Perkiomen Valley in southeastern Pennsylvania passed a crucial milestone with the production of design prototypes. Making this milestone even more terrific was the participation of students from the local career and technical high school, who learned about press brakes, metal shearing, painting, and the application of graphics. Students were responsible for the painting of sign panels and applying the vinyl graphics.

Cloud Gehshan Associates - Notre Dame of
 Maryland University Signage

Cloud Gehshan Associates (Philadelphia) announced that wayfinding and gateway signage has been installed at Notre Dame of
 Maryland University in North Baltimore; the new system welcomes and 
directs visitors throughout the beautiful 58-acre campus. CGA selected earth
tones to complement the bucolic landscape and brick architecture. Hand-made ornamental forms and cast bronze crests were also integrated to reflect the university's 100 years of history and its new grand entrance, designed by Robert
AM Stern Architects.


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