2014 Well Speaker

Greg Nelson

Greg Nelson is an award-winning design leader who merges communication with place to create compelling solutions that engage people and inspire results.

As the founder of Altitude Design Office, Greg Nelson has built a practice centered around his belief that meaningful design moves people forward.

Greg Nelson
Altitude Design Office
Los Angeles, CA

Kate Keating

Kate Keating, a retired San Francisco-based designer, is known as a pioneer in the environmental graphic design community and has contributed to the success of many award-winning, community-oriented projects over the past 20 years. Additionally, Kate is credited with the development of Universal Wayfinding, a system that provides clear and legible wayfinding in healthcare settings for people with Limited English Proficiency.

Headshot of Kate Keating, Founder of Kate Keating Associates
San Francisco

Craig Vogel

Craig Vogel, director of the Center of Design, Research and Innovation at the University of Cincinnati, is the “teacher’s teacher” in the eyes of employers across the nation. While giving top marks to UC’s design programs, these employers also singled out Craig on a short list of America’s best design professors – all in recognition of his teaching, writing and international consulting regarding how to make perfect products.

Headshot of Craig Vogel University of Cincinnati DAAP
Cincinnati, OH

Inessah Selditz

Inessah is an interaction designer at the LAB at Rockwell Group whose mission is to craft immersive experiences through physical and digital design. Her focus is on leveraging new and existing technologies into physical spaces and objects to create engaging user centered interactions.

She is passionate about code as a creative medium, new interfaces in collaborative expression and democratization of information.

Inessah Selditz, Rockwell Group
New York City
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