2014 Webinar Beyond Screens Speakers

Sam Stubblefield

Samuel Stubblefield is a designer interested in how art, architecture, and digital technology influence culture. Encouraging abstract thinking and experience design methods within design teams, Sam Stubblefield has successfully developed and executed several permanent exhibits, environmental graphic design programs, didactic spaces and immersive environments. He's also woven film, sound and mixed media into a number of architectural projects.

Sam Stubblefield headshot

David Mayman

David Mayman is a multidisciplinary experience designer in the Gensler San Francisco office driven by his passion for pushing possibilities and his curiosity of the unknown. He is driven to bridge the gap between technology and space through rich user-focused experiences.

David Mayman headshot
San Francisco, CA

Paul Flanigan

Paul Flanigan, Executive Director, Digital Screenmedia Association

My goal is to bring the DSA to the world, and show how digital screens across every channel are an ecosystem of engagement that companies and utilize to bring their brand closer to the consumer. In other words, it's like Tron and The Matrix all wrapped into a bundle of awesome experiences.

Paul Flanigan, Digital Screenmedia Association
San Francisco
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