Graphic Departure

At Vienna International Airport, Ruedi Baur’s transparent wayfinding system marries minimalist design and poetic touches. In some ways, airports are quintessential non-places. With their long corridors, labyrinthine layouts, and cacophonous soundtrack of arrivals/departures and passengers speaking multiple languages, it’s easy to forget exactly where you are.

By the Numbers

Futago designs interpretive sculptures to mark an historic waterfront trail.

If you zoom in on a map of Tasmania, the island state 240 kilometers south of Australia, and find its capital city of Hobart, you can just about make out the blunt promontory south of town.

Named after the battery of guns established there in 1818 to defend the coast, Battery Point shelters Hobart’s deep-water port to the north and looks south toward Storm Bay and beyond, to the route popular with Antarctic expeditions.

Ken Carbone and Leslie Smolan, founding partners of Carbone Smolan Agency (New York) are recipients of the 2014 AIGA Medal, the AIGA's highest honor for design professionals. They will be honored during the April 25 AIGA Centennial Gale in New York.

Lance Wyman's seminal 1968 Olympics Graphic Identity

Summer of ‘68

Almost a half-century later, Lance Wyman’s graphics program for the 1968 Mexico City Olympic games is still considered Gold medal-worthy.

In 1963, Mexico won the bid to host the XIX Olympiad, becoming the first Latin American site for the Games. Staging the Olympics gave the country a unique opportunity to showcase Mexico City as a modern capital with far more to offer than piñatas and fiestas--including a 7,350-foot altitude that supported record-breaking athletic performances.

Nova Polymers (Fairfield, N.J.) announced that Cadwell Sign, Ability Plastics, Welch Signs, and Cab Signs, four leading manufacturers of ADA-compliant signage for the architectural industry, have joined the elite ranks as Nova Polymers Preferred Fabricators of NovAcryl, the world’s most expansive line of high-quality photopolymer ADA signage.

Nova Polymers developed their Preferred Fabricator program to recognize sign fabricators listed as “acceptable manufacturers” in the NovAcryl photopolymer 3-part CSI specification.

The Sculpted City

In praise of the tactile map: part wayfinding tool, part sculpture

A map does not just chart, it unlocks and formulates meaning; it forms bridges between here and there, between disparate ideas that we did not know were previously connected.

―Reif Larsen, The Collected Works of T.S. Spivet

A Classic Reborn

At San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center, RTKL rethinks wayfinding in the digital era, but respects the landmark architecture.

Much has changed since the concrete towers of the John C. Portman-designed Embarcadero Center began to rise in San Francisco’s Financial District in the late 1960s, and were finally completed in the early 1980s.

Artfully Sustainable

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is a new model for civic buildings: transparent, sustainable, and art-filled. A new digital display wall invites the public in to experience it.

Museum as Metaphor

The Renzo Piano-designed California Academy of Sciences is a statement about sustaining and conserving a living planet. Its identity and environmental graphics speak the same language.

Signage is Golden

In the Golden Gate National Parks, a new wayfinding system unifies a vast system of urban and rural sites, informs and guides visitors—and lives up to San Francisco’s high design standards.

For San Franciscans, visiting a national park is not something you have to drive hours to do


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